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DADAWA (Zhu Zhe-qin)

The first contemporary Chinese female singer to reach worldwide stardom, Dadawa is a native of Changsha, Hunan, China. She has traveled China and the world extensively as both a musician, and adventurer.

The year 1995 was a milestone in the development of Dadawa¡¦s career. After holding a recital at the Royal Academy of Music, London, her album ¡§Sister Drum¡¨ was released in 56 countries worldwide, and according to the NY Times ¡§fulfilled the Chinese people's dream to introduce their music to the world¡¨. UK¡¦s Q Magazine rated ¡§Sister Drum¡¨ one of the top five world music albums of the year. Shanghai¡¦s Xin Min Evening News reader poll voted ¡§Sister Drum¡¨ the world¡¦s top album of the year. The record also won Taiwan¡¦s prestigious Golden Tripod Music Award for ¡§Best Album¡¨. She showcased her talent at the first session of the Midem Asia Exhibition, was invited to Midem¡¦96 at Cannes to celebrate its 30th anniversary and was the first Chinese artist to perform there.

In 1996, Dadawa recorded the soundtrack for the movie ¡§Chinese Box¡¨ which won the Best Movie Soundtrack at the Venice Film Festival. The following year, her album ¡§Voices from the Sky¡¨ was televised on MTV in a simultaneous premiere in eighty-one countries and for which she also won an MTV Video Award and MTV Special Contribution Artist1997. In 1998, Dadawa wrote and recorded ¡§Tear Lake¡¨ with the ¡§Chieftains¡¨ in Dublin. They performed together live at Carnegie Hall, St. Patrick¡¦s Day, 1999. That same year, on the eve of the Millennium, the Beijing Evening News hailed Dadawa as a pioneer of China¡¦s 21st Century. Her many recordings and performances have received rave reviews in the NY Times, Time Magazine, Washington Post, The Times, BBC, ABC, NHK and CNN.


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