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Sound of Serenity for practioners

Producer:Fan Li-bin


About Fan Li-bin, the Mantra Chanting,

Deep voice, professional training of Chinese poetry and long-term religious practitioner -all these make Fan Li-bin an amazing musician that will reach the depth of your heart. Bright as a bell, his voice echoes the sound of the universe. Thick as a drum, his meditative power rings truth with firm faith and merciful prayers. Fan Li-bin shares his voice and love with people. He practices the mantra-chanting himself and helps others practice it.

1965 Taoyuan, Taiwan. Original name: Fan Li-bin.
1985 Became a disciple of Wang Hai-yen the Chinese guqin (an ancient instrument) master to practice the playing and singing of traditional guqin songs.
1986 Mastered in vocals in National Taiwan Art College.
1994 Graduated from the department as the No. 1 student, and entered the graduate school of music of the same college.
1998 Attained master degree.
2001 Became a full time instructor in Chinese Music Department of National Tainan Art College. His album 'Moon on Guan Mountain' winning the 12th Golden Melody Award in 'Best Ethnic Music'
2003年 His album: ' ' Nominated in the 14th Golden Melody Award in 'Best Religious Music' and 'Best Singing Performance' for this album.

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