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Producer¡GWu Judy Chin-tai & Wang Sen-di

1.Returning Home NT$0
2.Melody of Contemplation NT$0
3.Beautiful Evening Prelude NT$0
4.Longshuo Melody NT$0
5.The Sun NT$0
6.Three Departures for Yangguan NT$0
7.Changmen Lament NT$0
8.Drowning Sorrows NT$0
9.Wen Wang¡¦s Melody NT$0

Reviving the 3000-year-old Classical Art of the Guqin
Guqin Master Cheng Gong-liang and the Beautiful Sounds of the Tang-era Qiulai Guqin

Recorded live at the ancient Chongen Temple in Jiangsu in 192khz, 24 bit high fidelity audio by recording engineer master Kavichandran Alexander, the recording engineer for an album wining the 36th Grammy Award in the category of Best World Music.

Produced by top-selling high fidelity album producer Wang Sen-di and renowned producer Wu Judy Chin-tai, whose works have won the Golden Melody Awards of Taiwan

Planned and produced by a top-notch team, the result is a classical musical treasure worth preserving for future generations

Cheng Gong-liang and the Art of the Guqin
In today¡¦s guqin circles, Cheng Gong-liang is well known as a performer with his own distinct style. He upholds the traditions of guqin playing but at the same time dares to innovate, combining old and new to create an original and impressive ¡§Cheng Guqin Aesthetics.¡¨ His performances arise from both a profound self-cultivation and a direct expression of the spirit, such that Japanese philosopher Kato Shuichi described them as ¡§conveying the innermost feelings of the heart.¡¨

The Guqin: The Ancient Musical Instrument of the Chinese Scholar
The guqin, one of China¡¦s oldest musical instruments, has been in existence for thousands of years, with the earliest references to it in Chinese writings dating back to nearly 3000 years ago. The guqin has long been associated with China¡¦s scholarly class. It was one of the classical ¡§four arts of the scholar,¡¨ the others being Go or weiqi (a board game), calligraphy and painting. The music of the qin was considered sacred and elegant; people of ancient times used it to express their emotions and their ideals. The qin was more than just a musical instrument; it was a symbol of Chinese culture and the ideal Chinese scholar.

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