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The Mongolian Folk Long-Song

Producer¡GWan Sen-di & Wu Judy Chin-tai

1.A Brown Eagle NT$0
2.Wu-zhu-mu-qin Vast Grasslands NT$0
3.The Lonely White Baby Camel NT$0
4.The claret horses with round hoofs NT$0
5.The Golden Sacred Mountain NT$0
6.The Pacing Horse NT$0
7.Little Horses on North Mountain NT$0
8.A Brown Mountain Shadow NT$0
9.Willow by the Riverside of Cha-Gan River NT$0
10. A Brown Zebra NT$0
11.Horses with Tall and Slender Shapes NT$0
12.Se-er-teng Mountain NT$0
13.The Snow of Han Mountain NT$0
14. Little Yellow Horses NT$0
15.Shadows of Homeland NT$0
16.Zha-gan-tao-hai Homeland NT$0
17.The Vast Grasslands NT$0
18.Da-gu-la¡]A solo of Morin Khuur¡^ NT$0

The 8th Independent Music Awards (IMA) Winner for the "Best World Traditional Album" in 2009

The 8th Independent Music Awards (IMA) Winner for the "Best World Traditional Album" in 2009. (Vox Populi)

A recording of living history.

This music from the grasslands is the first album on Mongolian folk long-song made through cross-country cooperation
Ala-Tan-Chi-Chi-Ge, a treasured singer of Mongolian folk long-song, and also by Zha-Ge-Da-Su-Rong, a brilliant pupil of Ha-Zha- Bu, the outstanding master of the folk long-song.

Recorded live in 192khz, 24 bit high fidelity audio by recording engineer master Kavichandran Alexander, the recording engineer for an album wining the 36th Grammy Award in the category of Best World Music.

Produced by top-selling high fidelity album producer Wang Sen-di and renowned producer Wu Judy Chin-tai, whose works have won the Golden Melody Awards of Taiwan

Planned and produced by a top-notch team, the result is a classical musical treasure worth preserving for future generations

Everlasting Rhythms of the Soul of the Grasslands

¡§The Mongolians are a people of music, and Mongolian folk long-song is the music closest to nature. It never needs any applause; it was born in grasslands, rivers and mountains. It is a product of nature; it was sung for cows and goats pasturing on grasslands, birds flying in the sky and horses running on the grassland. Human beings and nature are one. The melodies can assist those ewes that have abandoned their lambkins to re-feed; it can even make those stubborn camels cry.¡K¡K¡¨

--by La-Su-Rong/the singing king of Mongolian folk long-Song

Mongolian nomads employ the unique characteristics of their language to describe their understanding of history, culture, customs, morals, philosophy, religions and arts; this is how and where the Mongolian folk long-song was born. In addition to the language, Mongolians draw inspirations from the nomadic culture and regional culture to express the wisdom and emotions belonging to the Mongolian people, with a singing style both beautiful and unique.

The Representative Mongolian Instrument¡XMorin Khuur

The two-stringed fiddle Morin Khuur is a prominent musical instrument; it is recognized alongside the Mongolian folk long-song as the treasures of the Mongolian grasslands. It was famous for a carved horse-head at its extremity. According to the legend, this particular instrument was invented and expanded among Mongolian communities in the 12th century. It is an instrument suitable for performing long and gentle melodies, due to its outstanding features in presenting the tenderness and delicacy of the lyrics.

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