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Enchanting East

Producer¡GPeng Jing
Artists¡G Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

1.Galloping Dragon over the Sky NT$0
2.The Hills of Phoenix Village NT$0
3.Praising the Taoism Three Qings NT$0
4.Freedom in Your Mind NT$0
5.White Deer Running, Sun Moon Lake Shining NT$0
6.The Silk Road NT$0
7.Reappearance of Thunderbolt NT$0

The mind-blowing percussive art that rocked audiences at the Sydney Olympics, the Vancouver Cultural Olympiad, the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the Shanghai World Expo, the Festival d'Avignon, and the Percussive Arts Society International Convention

As a follow-up to the Grammy and American Independent Music Award-nominated 2009 album Drum Music Land, Ten Drum Art portrays mysterious Eastern legends that transcend space and time, beating out the rich, moving flavor of Eastern drumming

This album takes the listener on a path to Eastern culture through space and time. This journey extends from ancient times full of legends to the birth of the philosophical religions of Daoism and Buddhism, goes on to the spread of life and historic traces of humankind, and concludes with the collision of Chinese and Western culture on the silk road through Dunhuang and the birth of a new century of Eastern civilization.

Enchanting East provides a depiction of Eastern culture in four parts:
1. Legends ¡V ¡§Dragon Speeding through the Sky¡¨; ¡§The Hills of Phoenix Village¡¨ (Dragon, Phoenix)
2. The World of the Gods ¡V ¡§Praising the Three Qings¡¨; ¡§Freedom in Your Mind¡¨ (Daoism, Buddhism)
3. Life ¡V ¡§White Deer Running, Sun Moon Lake Shining¡¨ (People, Animals); ¡§The Silk Road¡¨ (Time Tunnel)
4. New Century ¡V ¡§The Return of the Thunderbolt¡¨ (Blending of Chinese and Western Culture)

1 Galloping Dragon over the Sky
The piece begins with a passage in free rhythm, portraying a mysterious, ancient Oriental dragon hidden high in the clouds, rushing forth after several gusts of wind sweep through the clouds, depicting a scene in which the rain dragon plays as it travels over heaven and earth. Throughout the piece the unrestrained rumbling of the dragon is heard; the refrain of the dragon speeding through the sky is presented in couplets. The refrain is given extra color with the addition of traditional Sĕk-huăng drum music from Sunan in China (¡§Butterflies Flying Wing to Wing¡¨). At last the dragon soars away into the distance in a powerful and forceful coda, hidden high in the clouds as it passes by after only a brief glimpse, shaking the people below to their cores.

2 The Hills of Phoenix Village
On the Fengshan (Phoenix Mountain) plateau in southern Taiwan, as you wander north from Fengbitou, you reach Fengwei (Phoenix Tail) Mountain, around which are many small hills called the Fengdan (Phoenix Shell) Hills. The phoenix absorbs the essence of the sun and moon and soars with wings outspread in the early spring morning, crying out as it flies between heaven and earth, mountain and river.

3 Praising the Taoism Three Qings
This composition is divided into five sections: opening the altar, raising the altar, facing the altar, praising, and seeing the gods off. The piece is led off by the wind and percussion instruments of Chinese Daoism, creating the mood of the simple Daoist life. By means of the gongs and drums that come in next, the music reaches a peak and takes a turn into the scene of a religious assembly in a temple asking for blessings from the gods. After the gongs and drums alert heaven, the suona laments the hardships of life. Then a mood of sparseness sets in, like the solemnity of an immortal appearing in person at an execution ground. The sounds of serene ceremonial music float through melodious praise for the three Qings (a group of gods in Daoism). Finally, amidst lively wind and percussion music, the worshippers are reborn in the midst of adversity.

4 Freedom in Your Mind
The initial inspiration for this composition was the scriptures of the Buddhist Heart Sutra: ¡§When Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva was practicing the profound Prajñāpāramitā (perfection of wisdom), he illuminated the Five Skandhas¡Kthere is no suffering¡Kno extinction, no way, no understanding and no attaining.¡¨ The tones of the xiao and drums enquire into nirvana; the sounds of the bells, chimes and muyu tell of the emptiness of dharma. This piece is meditative music for the spirit, and it¡¦s also a kind of philosophical temple drumming for the percussionists. In performing it, they wish all living things well, and pray that those they love will be blessed.

5 White Deer Running, Sun Moon Lake Shining
This piece was composed for Taiwan¡¦s Sun Moon Lake on the basis of an ancestral legend of the Thao aborigines. According to the legend, the ancestors of the Thao chased a white deer from Alishan and after passing through several mountain ranges, discovered Sun Moon Lake, their promised land, so they settled in this paradise. The composition is made up of seven parts: 1.Overture, 2. Sprinting, 3. A spirit of cooperation, 4. The sound of pestles; 5. Chasing the deer, 6. Reaching the lake, 7. Settling down (Coda). Finally, with the sound of three bells, the time tunnel from the past to today (from aboriginal to Han) is merged into one.

Coincidentally, when the coda was being recorded, the sounds of thunder, rain and birds calling could be heard, adding the sounds of nature to the music, forming a wonderful combination.

6 The Silk Road
This piece is a concerto composed for the hulusi (cucurbit flute) and the beifang guan (northern woodwind). It has three sections, entitled ¡§Rising at Dawn¡¨, ¡§Wandering in Dunhuang¡¨, and ¡§Crossing the Frontier at Sunset¡¨. The composition depicts a god traveling in the western regions beyond the Chinese frontier along the Silk Road. With the addition of hand drum accompaniment, the picture of a caravan of camels crossing the endless desert through day and night emerges, and along with the repeating cycle of day and night, the listener is enchanted with the charming imagery of the Silk Road.

7¡B Reappearance of Thunderbolt
Following ¡§Thunderbolts Crossing Swords¡¨, this is the second piece by the group to have thunderbolts as its theme. The dynamism and energy of the music exceed even that of the earlier ¡§Thunderbolts Crossing Swords¡¨. The ¡§thunderbolt¡¨ pieces were composed for the Taiwan International Drum Festival, part of a series of fireworks shows accompanied by drum music. The combination of sound and light challenges the listeners¡¦ sensory nerves and tests their heartbeats. The composition employs layered counterpoint, and not only shows the endless variety of the art of drum music, but also gives listeners a mind-blowing feast for the eyes and ears.

Awards and Honors
2009 The album Drum Music Land was nominated for ¡§Best World Traditional Music Album¡¨ at the 9th. Independent Music Awards in the US.
2009 The album Drum Music Land was nominated for ¡§Best Traditional World Music Album¡¨ at the 52nd. Grammy Awards.
2007 Ten Drum was nominated for Best Ethnic Music Album at the 18th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.
2007/01 Ten Drum Art Culture Park was established.

Key Live Performances
World Tours
2009 The Percussive Arts Society International Convention in the US; the Festival d'Avignon in Avignon, France; and the opening of the Taiwan Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo
2009 Performed by invitation at the Vancouver Cultural Olympiad in Canada
2002 The 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan
2000 Performed at the torch relay at the Sydney Olympics in Australia
2000-2010 Toured the United States, Canada, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, France, the Czech Republic, Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines

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