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Chinese Religious Music >Buddhist Music Played by Guzheng (Kucheng)> Melody of "Praising by Reciting the Name of Buddha"

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Melody of "Praising by Reciting the Name of Buddha"

ProducerĄGWANG Sheng-di
ArtistsĄG Wang Sen-di

1.Rearranged Tune of `Praising by Reciting the Name of Buddha` 20:27 NT$0

Kucheng, a long-history traditional plucking instrument in China. It was invented in around 231 B.C.. Owing to its long history and widely prevalence, the exquisite skillful art of kucheng features not only in its variety and gracefulness, but also its fusing with regional folk music.
This particular 'Buddhist Praise by Kucheng' series fully applies the variety of kucheng to denote the traditional Buddhist Praise. Under this distinctive denotation, it adds the gracefulness and freshness to the original sacredness and solemnity, hence to induce much more music lovers to enjoy the music or to praise along with the music.

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Zen and Guzheng

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