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Moving On

Producer¡GJudy Chin-Tai Wu
Artists¡G Ju Percussion Group

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The most creative and enjoyable modern percussion group in Asia today

* Bringing together the most talented and innovative domestic and foreign composers.

* Creating a fusion of Chinese and Western percussion instruments.

* A world tour that will move countless music fans with a selection of profound pieces of music in a 25th anniversary collection

The album,
which we sincerely dedicate to our music lovers and favorite friends
who have given us strong support in the past 25 year,
features the classic melodies that have been tailored for the Ju Percussion Group
by composers at home and abroad.

In the past 9,125 days,
the Ju Percussion Group has always tried to
integrate the tradition with the modern to create innovative genre,
leading our audience into a brand new vision of percussion!

The JU PERCUSSION GROUP (JPG), founded by percussionist Ju, Tzong-Ching in January 1986, is the first percussion ensemble established in Taiwan. It comprises 12 talented percussionists and one composer in residence. The members possess transcendental virtuosity in playing Western percussion instruments as well as Chinese gong-drum music and other forms of Asian traditional music. The group devotes itself to performance, education and percussion promoting.

Under the direction of Ju, Tzong-Ching, JPG has become known worldwide for its innovative blend of East and West, traditional and contemporary. JPG has pioneered the development of the percussive arts in Taiwan. Through its more than 100 domestic and international performances annually, it reaches approximately 150,000 audience members each year, and has largely increased Taiwan¡¦s visibility on the international percussion map.

Since its establishment, JPG has performed in Asia, Europe, Australia and America. Starting from 1993 the Group has been joined in performances by leading percussion ensembles from different continents at Taipei International Percussion Convention (TIPC). JPG was invited to perform at Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in Dallas, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. in 2000 and 2003, respectively. JPG collaborated with the world-famous Les Percussions de Strasbourg (France) on the cultural-exchange project, Les Douze Lunes du Serpent, which was premiered in December 2001. Invited by the Budapest Spring Festival, JPG and the Amadinda Percussion Group (Hungary) jointly presented James Wood¡¦s grand percussive work Stoicheia in 2002. In the following year, JPG was invited to take part in the Chekhov International Theatre Festival and the first international performance season of the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. Their participation in both events received critical acclaim.

JPG has performed with Cloud Gate Dance Theater and the Lanling Theater Workshop, touring nationally and internationally. In 1992, JPG undertook a series of experiments in musical theater, resulting in three major multi-media productions; Fantasia in 1993, Dream of Chimes in 1994, and See the Music in 2001. These productions incorporated other, non-percussive art forms and created a new audio and visual ambiance.

JPG has released 16 highly acclaimed recordings. Two of them were honored with the Golden Tripod Award, a national honor in Taiwan; Keep the Fire Burning for Best Performance in 1988 and the Mountain's Beat for Best Musical Publication in 1990. The 1996 live recording of JPG¡¦s 10th anniversary concert was released as a special double-disc set, and received the 1997 Golden Melody Award, the Taiwanese equivalent of the Grammy, for Best Performer. In the same year, Beat the Drum won the award for Best Composition in the classical music category. In 2002, JPG released its 15th anniversary CD set Shiny Days, and in 2005 it released the 20th anniversary DVD, Picture the Percussion.

JPG has actively cultivated percussion music by regularly commissioning and premiering compositions. It has accumulated more than 120 national and international commissioned works. In addition, the Group¡¦s arrangements of numerous traditional Chinese/Taiwanese folk tunes and children¡¦s songs have contributed to the steadily growing popularity of percussion music in Taiwan.

JPG pioneered the development of the percussive arts in Taiwan. Through the classical, popular and children concerts that JPG arranged annually, it has contributed to the steadily growing popularity of percussion music in Taiwan.

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