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Farewell My Emperor--Wang Xinxin¡¦s Nanguan Art

Producer¡GWang Xinxin
Artists¡G Wang Xin-xin

1.Drumming Melodies NT$0
2.Dangerous Mountain Roads NT$0
3.Grieving NT$0
4.Departing Han Gate NT$0

Preeminent Contemporary Nanguan Performer ¡V Wang Xinxin

The only Chinese performer in the modern multi-media dance drama ¡§Marco Polo,¡¨ produced by the French fashion mogul, Pierre Cardin, for Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival.

Being a guest musician performing in the internationally acclaimed Pina Bausch Dance Festival of Wuppertal 2008

¡§Wang Zhao-jun¡¨ is a famous Nanguan repertoire based on the story of China¡¦s most renowned "political bride" of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-8AD). Wang Xinxin¡¦s heartfelt singing is heightened by the accompanying traditional Nanguan instruments, including the flamboyant pipa (Chinese lute), the hoarse erxian (Chinese fiddle), the desolate sanxian (Chinese long lute), as well as the sobbing dongxiao (Chinese end-blown flute). The melodies created by these instruments are skillfully woven together to tell the story of an alluring young woman with a political mission. The elegance of the Nanguan art is perfectly demonstrated on this exquisite album.

About Wang Xinxin,
In 1987 she was the champion of ¡§Nanguan Broadcast Contest: Professional Section¡¨, and also won the award of vocal performance in the contest of ¡§Red Lantern Prize.¡¨ In 1995, she won the Best Singer of The Golden Tripod Awards for Publications. In 2004, her nanquan release ¡§Nostalgia in Moonlight¡¨ has won the Best Ethnic Music of the Golden Melody Award by Government Information Office of Taiwan. International media praises her as the vocalist who possesses real eastern classic beauty.

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