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Flowers Bloom in the Garden-A Collection of Classic Nanguan Music 2CD

ProducerĄGWang Xinxin
ArtistsĄG Wang Xin-xin

1.Chen San and Wu Niang-On a Walking Tour NT$0
2.Chen San and Wu Niang-Flowers Bloom in the Garden, Quietly Opening the Door in the Dark NT$0
3.Chen San and Wu Niang-Spiritual NT$0
4.Chen San and Wu Niang-Leader-Master NT$0
5.Gao Wenju- In a Cold Room NT$0
6.Lu Mengzheng-A Failed Engagement, Copying It Down, A Broken Lamb NT$0
7.Zhu Bian-Raise the Gold Cup NT$0
8.Zhu Bian-Looking at the Clouds from the Hotel NT$0

Including unforgettable classic Nanguan songs from Chen San and Wu Niang, Gao Wenju and Lu Zhengmeng

Famous songs, moving vocals, the clear sound of the pipa, the rough tones of the erxian, the low moan of the sanxian, the crying of the dongxiaoĄKrefined production brings back the grace and magnificence of Nanguan music

The only ethnic Chinese cast member in the modern multimedia ballet Marco Polo, the Imaginary Journey, produced by French fashion designer Pierre Cardin

The only musician to be specially invited to perform at the dance theater of world famous dancer Pina Bausch

Wang Xinxin was born in 1965 in the city of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, home of the Nanyin or Nanguan tradition. She began her training in Nanyin music at the age of four. In 1984 she won firstĄVplace admission into the Nanguan division of Fujian Provincial Academy of the Arts, studying with famed masters including Zhuang Bulian, Wu Zao, Ma Xiangduan among others, becoming proficient in the various modes of playing the stringed instruments including strumming, plucking, bowing, etc. She learned the musical scores of all traditional pieces, all the arias as well as all the instruments used in Nanguan performances. Excelling in singing, she soon became permanent member of the professional Quanzhou Nanguan Musical Ensemble. Later, she became Director General of the HanTang Yuefu Troupe of Taipei. Now she teaches at the Institute of Ethnomusicology of National Taiwan University as well as at National Taipei University of Arts and Taiwan National University of the Arts, at graduate institutes and undergraduate departments specializing in traditional music.

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