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The Eastern Spring - Impressive Drums in Kaohsiung DVD

Artists¡G Ten Drum Art Percussion Group


A multimedia art performance combining a folk orchestra, physical dance, calligraphy writing, and visual arts.

A new, genre-crossing approach to performing, in collaboration with the Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra and Tso¡¦s Dance Association, recorded live at the Jhihde Hall in Kaohsiung

Using music, dance and imagery, a picture is painted of life in ancient times and of the aesthetics of Eastern culture and religious ideology.

Ten Drum Art Percussion Group:
* 2011 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival

* Multimedia Dance Music Theatre

* Nominated for Best Traditional World Music Album at the 52nd Grammy Awards

* Nominated for Best Traditional World Music Album at the 9th Independent Music Awards

transcends traditional drum music toward new horizons in performance.

Ride on the sounds of music through a tunnel in time and space to ancient times. Centered on the themes of the dragon and the phoenix, Daoism and Buddhism, people and life, tunnels through space and time, and a Chinese-Western fusion.

Start on a journey to a brand new aural and visual aesthetic sense.

*Ten-Drum Art Percussion Group
Fu I-han Qiu Ya-hui Liu Tang-xun
Xue zhao-xiang Huang Yi-wen Guo zhi-ting
Lü Dai-ying Lü Yi-fen Jiang Yi-qing
Zhang Yi-qun Chen Meng-xuan Yang Nian-xing
Xie Cheng-min Su Yu-xian Lin Meng-wei

*Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra
Deputy Executive Director / Conductor/ Guo Zhe-cheng
Huqin(Chinese fiddle) Instruments:
gaohu/Peng Li-ting, Zhou Jia-wen & Cai Jia-rong
erhu/Fang Yue-rong, Cai Ming-kun, Xue Qing-li, Cai Pei-i, Chen Qing-nian, Zhou Ting-zhen & Lü Jia -ling erhu/Huang Zhen-nan & Wang I-lin
Wind Instruments:
medium suona/Sun Pei-yuan
soprano suona/Guo Jin-cai
bass sheng/Hong Ling-yi
medium sheng/Lin Nai-jing
soprano sheng/Luo Qi-rui
flute/Zhuang Xi-shu & Gu Sheng-yi
Stringed-plucking Instruments:
liuqin (Chinese lutes)/Xu Shi-ying
daruan(Chinese lutes)/Huang Xiang-xun & Wu Hui-qing
zhongruan (Chinese lutes)/ Yu Hui-lan & Wang Wen-jie
pipa/Lu Mei-duan & Gu Li-ming
guzheng/ Yang Yu-fang
Chinese dulcimer/ Lin Pei-juan & Huang Shu-min
Bass instruments:
beigahu/Xie Jia-ling & Fang Yi-hui
gahu/Zhuang Mei-fang, Xu Ming-hui & Cai Bai-yan

*Tso¡¦s Dance Association of Kaohsiung City
¡· executive director/Zhou Su-ling
¡· choreographer/Zhang Ya-ting
¡· professional dancers/Ye Li-juan, Lin Li-chuan, Shen Yi-wen, Lin Yi-fan, Zhu Huang-yi, Zhang Jian-zhi
¡· adult dancers/Weng Jing-ying, Zhang Sheng-he, Huang Yi-han, Huang Guan-rong
¡· internship dancers/Chen Jian-wei, Huang Bo-kai, Ma Jia-hao, Cui Heng-xuan, Gu Dian-qiang, Wu Xin-ru, Chang Fang-rong, Wang Yi-ying, Chen Hong-zhen, Zeng Jia-fen, Xiao Li-wei & Wang Heng

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