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Singing Bowls Sound Therapy

ProducerĄGHans de Back


1 SET = 4 CDs
Once upon a Time in Tibet -- A relaxing sound fairy-tale with a happy ending Is stress making it hard for you to sleep? The sound waves of the Singing Bowls on this legendary Tibetan musical journey can help filter the impurities in our body, relax all our senses and improve the quality of our sleep.

Music for Traffic Jams -- Beautiful soundscapes for when"heavy days are here again" In this album Hans de Back uses Singing Bowls to create extraordinary sound waves that shuttle through the unfathomable moments of our life, releasing us from immobility. The music helps us regain our body energy and rejoin that beautiful mind of ours that is full of love and joy.

Chakra Delight -- A real treat for chakra meditation and kundalini training Each singing bowl has its own unique sound wave pattern. With professional practice and training one can learn to release the tones that regulate and ease our body and mind. It has been discovered that the vibrations from the sound waves of Singing Bowls (Himalaya bowls) can help to relax our body and adjust the balance of our body's seven Chakras.

Singing Bowls, Gongs and all that Jazz --An innovative and inspiring experience This music album will surprise you with its creative and innovative inspiration as it unleashes the restrictions on your imagination. Created by Hans de Back, these cheerfully energetic melodies are infused with the spirit of Jazz. Feel the sound waves stimulate and massage every inch of your creative senses and bring vitality, freedom and happiness into your life.


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