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Infinity of Beauty(4CD)

ProducerĄGHans de Back


Hans de Back is a renowned European sound therapist. He has developed this unique deep sound wave SPA to stimulate, activate, and regenerate both the body and the mind.

Hans de Back has been involved in the profession of sound massage therapy of singing bowls for the past 30 years. For this collection he has invited international musicians, from different cultural backgrounds, to come together to create this special music. Produced with many unique instruments including the singing bowls, the tuba, the Indonesian gong, the djembe, the conga, the alto sax, the gucheng, the Burmese temple bell, etc., along with serene vocals, the sound vibrations from these multiple elements generate the energy to revitalize our body cells and enhance our body functions. By releasing impure energy and calming disturbances in our minds they build positive reinforcement for our senses of willingness, acceptance, tranquility and self-confidence, bringing us to the essential beauty in life.

SD-2005 Acceptance With stimulating instruments like the Singing bowl, the gong, the flute and the tuba, this albumĄŚs impromptu feel guides us to our tranquil inner senses, then leads us on a journey of exploration to discover self acceptance ĄV that most unique world of beauty.

SD-2006 Joyfulness Stress exhausts and wearies our minds. The powerful sound waves and vibrations of the Singing Bowl, the gong, the Japanese temple bell, the Djembe and the conga drum bring us the passion and excitement to rejuvenate our being.

SD-2007 Introspection The light sounds of the Singing bowl join with serene vocals, and the swinging melodies of the saxophone, slowly edging us towards that tranquil remote peaceful lake where clarity, harmony, fulfillment and contentment meet.

SD-2008 Tolerance Build the confidence to awaken the deep inner energy of exploration and regeneration. The Singing bowl, the Sarangi and the saxophone guide us assuredly through the surrounding unpredictable and uneasy swells to where endless inner beauty sits at ease.

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