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Producer¡GHans de Back

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With stimulating instruments like the singing bowls, the gong, the flute and the tuba, this album¡¦s impromptu feel guides us to our tranquil inner senses, then leads us on a journey of exploration to discover self acceptance ¡V that most unique world of beauty.

This musical work is an invitation to allow your worries to make way for relaxation by acceptance. Acceptation as the point of departure for an exploratory trip to find your options, qualities, talents; what do you stand for instead of what do you put up with. Truth and inner beauty. Discover the Beauty and the Beast within yourself.

Apart from the singing bowls, Hans is also to be heard playing various percussion instruments, such as, the Indonesian gongs, Burmese Kung-zee¡¦s, Japanese temple bells, 10 toned chink drum, Chinese drum, Ghanaian conga en the Chinese string instrument gu-cheng. This musical work not only contains his solo work but also pieces in which he is accompanied by various other musicians. Due to the fact that each one of these musicians possesses ¡V outside of their musical qualities ¡V an enormous talent for improvisation, Hans de Back chose to gear his compositions towards this fact and offer the instrumentalists and vocalists a great amount of musical freedom. As a result of this, a certain theme and character is created, in which each solo artist is given the chance to demonstrate his or her talent ¡V without interference ¡V but utilizing all the musical support.

About Hans de Back, the Producer,
Hans de Back has followed a course in England for Esoteric Psycotherapy as well as a course at instructors' level in Visual Re-education. Shamanism initiation received from East European and Native American shamans. Since 1983, self-educated on the front of singing bowls, gongs, etc. and as the Founder of the guild for Reform of the Way of Thinking The Health Angels. Hans de Back at this moment is one of the leading authorities in sound therapy in Europe. He is considered internationally as one of the most prominent sound-therapists in Europe. Besides giving individual sound massages, demonstrations, workshops, master-classes, concerts and gong meditations, he also participates world-wide in cooperative projects in dance, film, narration, declamation and martial arts.

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