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ProducerĄGHans de Back

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The light sounds of the singing bowls join with serene vocals, and the swinging melodies of the saxophone, slowly edging us towards that tranquil remote peaceful lake where clarity, harmony, fulfillment and contentment meet.

Introspection invites you to listen, not only to the music but also to yourself. Compelling, gentle sound landscapes carry you along to the safe place within yourself so that you can re-experience your inner feeling of peace.

Notice how easily the finely-woven sound patterns fuse with the stillness in you, without disturbing this stillness. It is like a woollen sound-carpet upon which the silence settles so comfortably that it seems as if it has always been there, making it possible to enter your inner space to the rhythm of breathing without leaving any tracks. Be amazed at the harmonic inner beauty that calms your spirit and invites you to listen, be intently present, and have respect for yourself and to listen to the stillness in yourself. Sound images of the future in the here and now.

About Hans de Back, the Producer,
Hans de Back has followed a course in England for Esoteric Psycotherapy as well as a course at instructors' level in Visual Re-education. Shamanism initiation received from East European and Native American shamans. Since 1983, self-educated on the front of singing bowls, gongs, etc. and as the Founder of the guild for Reform of the Way of Thinking The Health Angels. Hans de Back at this moment is one of the leading authorities in sound therapy in Europe. He is considered internationally as one of the most prominent sound-therapists in Europe. Besides giving individual sound massages, demonstrations, workshops, master-classes, concerts and gong meditations, he also participates world-wide in cooperative projects in dance, film, narration, declamation and martial arts.

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