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Producer¡GHans de Back

1.The Beginning NT$0
2.Wake-up call NT$0
3.Passage to Sri Lanka NT$0
4.Waiting for suppe NT$0
5.Echo¡¦s from within NT$0
6.Familiar Circumstances NT$0
7.Bunny¡¦s Bolero NT$0
8.Happy Ending NT$0

Build the confidence to awaken the deep inner energy of exploration and regeneration. The Singing bowl, the Sarangi and the saxophone guide us assuredly through the surrounding unpredictable and uneasy swells to where endless inner beauty sits at ease.

Toleration appeals to your self-confidence. How do you react to people that behave differently to the way you are accustomed. How do you view renewal? If everything is susceptible to change then renewal is inevitable. Embrace renewal. It changes the way you view yourself and your life. Resistance is futile. Time moves on and never returns, regardless of whether you agree or oppose things. Seasons change and the years roll on. 2007 will never return, but spring, summer, autumn and winter will. Seasons herald change based on the experience of the time of year. Tolerance is the key word. The aspects of the other 3 CD¡¦s come together in Tolerance and form the breeding ground for renewal. Apparent contradiction such as chaos and order are like low-tide and high-tide; inseparably present whatever your view is. Tolerance by introspection/spirituality, nourished by acceptation and the passion for life, make room for serenity, calmness, peace of mind, relaxation and happiness. Allow yourself to be surprised by the magical and life nourishing power of tolerance.

The effect of tolerance is comparable to that of snowflakes: Snowflakes are one of nature¡¦s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.......

About Hans de Back, the Producer,
Hans de Back has followed a course in England for Esoteric Psycotherapy as well as a course at instructors' level in Visual Re-education. Shamanism initiation received from East European and Native American shamans. Since 1983, self-educated on the front of singing bowls, gongs, etc. and as the Founder of the guild for Reform of the Way of Thinking The Health Angels. Hans de Back at this moment is one of the leading authorities in sound therapy in Europe. He is considered internationally as one of the most prominent sound-therapists in Europe. Besides giving individual sound massages, demonstrations, workshops, master-classes, concerts and gong meditations, he also participates world-wide in cooperative projects in dance, film, narration, declamation and martial arts.

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