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Fulao Folk Songs in Taiwan Island

Traveling through time tunnel¡A you hear one folk song after another and are immersed in the vitality of the Taiwan Island. In all the Fulao folk songs¡A there lie the strong emotions¡A hard struggling and living details of Taiwanese. From Chen Da`s `Suz Hsiang Qi--Melody of Nostalgia¡A` `Suz Ji Chun--Melody of Celebrations¡A` `Qu Pau Puang--Melody of Wedding Eve` to `Go Kang Hsiao Tiao--Melody of Five Stanzas¡A` every classic has recorded the bitter-sweet history of hundreds of years of Taiwanese. From College Students` `Folk Songs Movements` of the 60s to the field recording of the 90s¡A this documentary collection series represents the footsteps that every folk singer had made upon Taiwan`s land¡A the tears and laughter they shared with us¡A and the love they expressed for us to our island.

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