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Chinese Health Music >Therapeutic Music of The Yellow Emperor's Classic Internal Medicine

Therapeutic Music of The Yellow Emperor's Classic Internal Medicine

¡@¡@The Yellow Emperor`s classic of Internal Medicine¡A Written between the third and first centuries B.C.¡Aprovided the theoretical foundation for the practice of all healing arts in China for over two thousand years. According to ancient Chinese medical theory¡A there are two causes for diseases. The first is internal¡A which is brought about by an imbalance in a person`s psychomental state. The second is external¡A which comes as a result from changing atmospheric and climatic conditions. This six volume set of music developed in mainland China is based on these principles of health preservation. Volumes 1 through 4 are designed to counter external causes of illness by strengthening the bodies` natural defenses against particular conditions found in each of the four seasons. Volumes 5 and 6 are designed to counter internal causes of illness by regulating psychomental activity¡A and thus bringing the body and mind into a state of equilibrium and harmony.

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